New outdoor work is currently being prepared. Normally nothing is ever mentioned
until a piece is finished and on a wall, but I'll do it a bit different this time.
We're still a few weeks away from the target paint day, but this project is already about a year in planning.
Before starting up with street art, I was mostly curious about how it's done, since all you ever see is the
finished piece. I'll give updates through Instagram stories of what's currently being done, without giving
away too much detail of what will be painted. This will be a whole collection of new work. You can decide for
yourself if it interests you. The goal will be to give a bit of insight into what is done to get a new piece
up and that even when you havnt seen new pictures posted, that something unseen is usually in the works.
Where the next target is won't be revealed just yet, but it will be a far trip. If it works out, or if something
simple like bad weather throws a wrench in the whole operation, we won't know until we are at the walls.
Small updates will be coming out through instagram stories (@TABBYthis) from time to time, so join along if you're curious.