Week of treasure 7/7

Final treasure status: FOUND


Update 4: If you were looking and took a break sitting on a bench, you were close. It was taped underneath one of them. (The one on the left pictured below)

Todays game: Head over to Anton-Kummerer-Park, the original site where this piece is located. Find the image and wait for an update at 17:15 for further instructions.


Update3, Tip: Not in the vegetation

Update2, Tip: Look down from up top and up from down below.

Update 17:15: There is a tile to the far left (corrected, original update said right) of the original piece. On it is a password to access the link below where you will find the final instructions  (type password as you see it with small/large letters. There are no spaces in the password. Do not tamper with the tile)
http://tabbythis.com/?page_id=1613 (password removed after hunt)

Todays treasure, and the last one for the week, is a large 50x65cm paper “Sound of Uzi” stencil. It was painted with the same spray cans as used for the original outdoor version.