Weathered Concrete

UPDATE March, 2018:


UPDATE: Sneak Peak release has Sold out. New orders on weathered concrete pieces will open at the end of 2018. With several bigger projects in the works, new monthly requests can no longer be taken. Instead, there will be one larger round of orders available towards the end of the year.


Sneak Peak release November 27-28, 2017

“Concrete Backgrounds – Custom orders”
Weathered Concrete on wood panel
ca 40×39.5cm
Concrete panels start off blank and are painted with your selected image
16 different images available during original release
Stencil and hand signed, dated, dollar bill serial number registered and authenticated
Limit of 1 concrete panel per person during this release

Please contact to place an order or for any questions
(more details below)


A key part to art on the streets is the wall itself. After several years of experimenting, these concrete panels are the result of wanting to bring a genuine experience of the outdoors to the indoors.
There is a beauty in the randomness of worn and weathered walls that is impossible to translate by simply using paint and a canvas. The unevenness of the surface directly affects the outcome of a stencil and for the first time ever, street art can enter the indoor space without having to be cut directly from a wall.

These concrete panels will become a signature backbone to the TABBY experience. They will be an open edition, but only a handful of new pieces made (approximately 1-3 new requests a month) in order to continue work on new projects. All weathered concrete will start out blank and custom painted with your choice of image.

To start off this new edition, a small stock of around 10-20 finished concrete panels will be available for custom orders between November 27-28. The price is currently set lower than what it will be in the future and no new orders are planned to be taken until 2018. Prices are also expected to continue to change upwards over time. Wait times will then vary, with only a limited number of new pieces being released each month and the images to choose from will also change from time to time. So for anybody wanting to get their hands on one, these two days are your best chance.

If you are interested in placing and order, or want more details, get in contact with . Orders are taken in the order they come in. Each piece is a custom order, you will be able to choose from the 16 images and a suitable concrete panel will be selected for you. We will work closely together and previews can be given. This will take some time but the goal will be to have the first 10 pieces ready to ship in a week.


The preview at the top of the page with all 16 images shows the actual completed panels with digital representation of the artwork that can be painted on them. 3 finished examples below (Sound of Uzis, Wonder Years, Everybody needs somebody) shows more in detail the actual results.

They are made to be extremely light weight and are comparable to the weight of a canvas. The back is further supported by a wooden frame, which also makes them easy to hang.


For any questions feel free to get in contact at . If youre having a hard time deciding between pieces then you will get help on that as well.