Week of treasure

The Game:

Next week, starting on the 29th of September (2014), there will be something new to find every day within Vienna. The type of challenges will be different and for the most part it will be rewarded to whoever gets there first.
The time the hunts start will differ as well. On some days there might be an exact time given out beforehand about when the game will start and on other days it might just appear at a random time. All information will be given on the website, so keep an eye out for any new update.
For these hunts, you can expect originals on paper, framed pieces and, for the first time, canvas paintings as well. It might take 10 minutes for a treasure to be claimed, it might take 2 days, it depends on how fast and motivated at least one of you is. Have fun and good luck.

Nächste woche (ab dem 29. September, 2014) wird es innerhalb von Wien jeden tag etwas neues zu finden geben. Es wird verschiedene aufgaben und herausforderungen geben und zum grossteil wird derjenige belohnt der (oder die) zuerst am ziel ankommt.
Die startzeit wird sich ebenfalls unterscheiden. An manchen tagen wird im voraus eine genaue zeit angegeben wann die suche beginnt und an anderen werden die anweisungen zu einer spontanen zeit auftauchen. Alle informationen werden auf der website zu finden sein, also haltet eure augen offen für diese updates.
Unter diesen schätzen werden originale auf papier, eingerahmte bilder und zum ersten mal auch bilder auf leinwand zu finden sein. Es dauert vielleicht 10 minuten oder 2 tage bis ein schatz abgeholt wird, es kommt darauf an wie schnell und motiviert mindestens einer von euch ist. Viel spass und viel glück.

If you havnt already and would like to be notified in the future about new hunts, you can be added to the group below. (email will not be used for anything than to be notified about the hunt)

Days 1-7 Results:



GPS: 48.216289, 16.374280
Link to google maps

Tip: By the canal there is a garden. There you will find a seating arrangement. In the middle is a table made of boxes and behind one of these you will find a white package. Follow instructions once found and it will be marked as so here.



Whoever finds todays treasure will be one of the first to ever see it. It is a framed version of a new outdoor piece that was made last night. Only once it is found will it be shown here. Update of exact location of todays treasure will be posted between 3-5PM.


Update Reveal: GAS TANK

This is the new piece and the framed version that was up for grabs today






You cant have a treasure hunt without some buried treasure. Somewhere within the marked area of the map is a large red X on the ground. Find it, dig and uncover it. Shovels etc are not needed.






Status: FOUND

The Ubahn station Volkstheater has a new art installation that they do not know of. Go there and look at the U2 platform. Find what you are looking for and grab it.

Once found, follow the instructions on the back to confirm it has been picked up.


Up for grabs:





20:00 Status: FOUND

Because I enjoyed it so much, heres the finders reply on how he got to the floating jar: “..war mit Macgyver haften kombinationen aus schals und lokal auffindbaren stecken plus wadeltief ins wasser gehen einsatz zu schaffen..”


19:00 UPDATE:
Those who came and saw, as early as 5 minutes after starting, were not yet able to retrieve what was floating in the pond.
It will stay, floating around, until one day maybe a homeless person happens to find a small red jar drifting ashore. Confused he follows the instructions inside and claims the piece of art. But by then, it will have been 10 years, TABBY has long since died in a spectacular paint can explosion and the canvas is worth a small fortune. The man places the canvas in his shopping cart, along with all his other posessions and later trades it for a bottle of schnaps. Hes never heard of TABBY and was happy somebody wanted to trade it with him.

In the stadtpark there is a pond and in this pond you will find a small red floating jar. In this jar is the password to access the link below which will give you the exact location of the treasure hidden nearby. Make sure you type in password exactly as written (small, large letters). Phone with access to internet is recommended but once you have the password you are the only one who holds the key to the location so there is no big hurry (unless a passerby happens to find it by luck).

Come with rope, large branch, a towel or some other sort of plan. Whoever gets the jar out of the water first claims the treasure.


PASSWORD PROTECTED TREASURE LOCATION (password removed after hunt)


Todays prize is “graffiti bomber” on canvas



Status: FOUND

Today you are looking to find the location shown in the image below. It is somewhere within the green area of the map. It is not specifically hard to find, meaning if you walk next to it you will see it. Every now and then a new map will be updated with a smaller area until it is found. So go outside for a nice walk, first to find the area gets the prize.

This is the location you are trying to find. The treasure lies behind the box and the wall.

UPDATE: Treasure found, map below shows where location can be found

MAP2: Smaller area where location can be found.

MAP1: General area where you will find the location

Todays treasure:




In support of todays “Lange Nacht der Museen” (1 ticket to visit all museums at night), it seemed like the only right thing to do is contribute what I can. Thats why you will find a new addition to the display.

In one of the museums, you can find a special edition of “Shopping revolution”, marked with its own cataloged number to forever guarantee authenticity. However, it is not meant to stay, it is meant to be taken. A small pull and it is freed from the wall. At 30x20cm it is the perfect size to carry in your bag and out the door. If you find it, it is yours to keep.

It is in a related exhibit. You can try and figure out where right now, or wait until 6PM when the “Lange Nacht der Museen” officially starts and the exact location is revealed.



The painting has been found. It was located in the Naturhistorisches Museum in the chimp exhibition. Good job to the finder.


Final treasure status: FOUND


Update 4: If you were looking and took a break sitting on a bench, you were close. It was taped underneath one of them. (The one on the left pictured below)

Todays game: Head over to Anton-Kummerer-Park, the original site where this piece is located. Find the image and wait for an update at 17:15 for further instructions.


Update3, Tip: Not in the vegetation

Update2, Tip: Look down from up top and up from down below.

Update 17:15: There is a tile to the far left (corrected, original update said right) of the original piece. On it is a password to access the link below where you will find the final instructions (type password as you see it with small/large letters. There are no spaces in the password. Do not tamper with the tile)
http://tabbythis.com/?page_id=1613 (password removed after hunt)

Todays treasure, and the last one for the week, is a large 50x65cm paper “Sound of Uzi” stencil. It was painted with the same spray cans as used for the original outdoor version.



Week of treasure completed – results

Thats 7 out of 7. Several hunts were completed within 20 minutes, the longest was 3 hours for somebody to reach the password floating in the pond (impressed you managed to find a way) and surprisingly the museum challenge was solved within 40 minutes. That was without even knowing for sure which museum it was and having the balls to take a picture off the wall and out the door.

I hope all of you had fun, those who managed to find a treasure receive the bragging rights and for those who havnt yet, you will get your chance in the future. If you took part, feel free to send an email, let me know how your experience was and what was good and what might need improving. If you have pictures of the hunt or your prize hanging in its new home, those are very interesting as well. Ill try to reply personally to everyone.

Always keep your eyes open for something new and interesting, if you dont find it then create your own. Take care,