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Limited Edition Guitar Picks

TABBY Guitar Picks
5 different pieces included.
Limited edition of 250 packs
Every pack is numbered
9.95€ (+shipping, only charged once on multiple orders)
Made in the Netherlands

A fun little bonus collectible, every set has 4 standard and 1 random metal guitar pick. Even better, every 10th pack has a special gold pick instead of a metal one. Enjoy a bit of a surprise in discovering which metal/gold pick you have gotten, or try and gather or trade for a complete metal/gold set if youre up for the challenge.
Better yet, use them to play guitar. Guaranteed to improve your guitar skills by 27%. If it doesnt work, play 27% harder and try again!

Pieces included in every pack: Sound of Uzis, Heart Attack, Stop the Violins, Everybody Needs Somebody, The Wonder Years

Available through

9.95€ + shipping


100% gravity proof stickers. 9/10 scientists agree amazing feel good powers when applied directly to forehead or other surface of choice*.
(*exaggerated claims may or may not be exaggerated)
1 out of 3 packs will include a lucky TABBY hand signed sticker

No Fly List
20 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Business Penguin
20 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

20 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Feeding Time
20 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

20 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

In Love, Out of Reach
20 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

The Wonder Years
28 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Hawk In The Sky
28 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Everybody Needs Somebody
28 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Heart & Chains II
28 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Dont Be A Dick
30 Stickers (15 Blue/ 15 Yellow)
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

The Lying King
30 Stickers
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)

Full Sticker Pack
ca 25 Stickers, approx 2 of every sticker
6€ (incl worldwide shipping)


Official release March 14-16, 2019

“The Lying King”
12 PM Eastern time / 5 PM GMT through
Screen Print on 40x50cm Cougar Smooth 270/m2 paper
Gold/Silver editions on Curious Metallics 300/m2 paper
Hand signed, dated and numbered
Main/Orange edition of 120 (100€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Shimmering Silver edition of 30 (130€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Shimmering Gold edition of 25 (150€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Bundle 1 Main and 1 Silver (195€ + 20€ worldwide shipping)
Bundle 1 Main and 1 Gold (220€ + 20€ worldwide shipping)
Limit total of 2 variants per person, shipping only charged once (orders exceeding 2 prints will be refunded)
(If shipping is charged twice on multiple orders then it will be refunded after purchase)

This piece is no longer available.




Shepard Fairey was excited to get his hands on a Lying King and gives it “two thumbs up”.



Weathered Concrete 2018


Release December 3-4, 2018

“Concrete Backgrounds – Custom orders”
Weathered Concrete on wood panel
ca 40×39.5cm
Concrete panels start off blank and are painted with your selected image
16 different images available during original release
Stencil and hand signed, dated, dollar bill serial number registered and authenticated
400€-520€ (+25€ worldwide shipping)
Limit of 1 concrete panel per person during this release

Update: Window for ordering custom pieces has closed

“Images available for selection”
Little Animal (400€)
Another Day Another Dollar (420€)
Charge! (435€)
Balloon Dog (435€)
Heart & Chains II (435€)
Giraffe Crane (420€)
Wonder Years (435€)
Everybody Needs Somebody (How to be loved) (520€)
Penguin Underwear Model (Brief encounter) (400€)
Stop the Violins (435€)
Sound of Uzi (450€)
Banana Bomber (420€)
Shave the Whales (420€)
Privacy Policy (400€)
Shopping rEvolution (420€)
Homepathic Medic (420€)

+25€ worldwide shipping


True street art comes from the streets and in order to fully enjoy the art indoors you need to bring a piece of the streets with it. First debut in 2017, TABBY weathered concrete panels are the most genuine outdoor experience you can have, without having to cut out a piece of a wall. There is a beauty in the randomness of worn and weathered walls that is impossible to translate by simply using paint and a canvas.

Weathered concrete panels are an open edition, but only available for a very short period of time each year and in limited quantities. Like outdoors, every background is unique. All weathered concrete will start out blank and custom painted with your image of choice.

For the next 2 days, between December 3-4, custom orders will be available. A wide selection of images, including many highly requested pieces created in the past year, are available for selection. Simply choose your favorite, get in contact, and your custom piece will be prepared for you.
Prices are expected to continue to change upwards over time, so today is your best chance at getting your hands on one of the key signature pieces to the TABBY experience.

Orders are taken in the order they come in. Each piece is a custom order, you will be able to choose from the 16 images and a suitable concrete panel will be selected for you. We will work closely together and previews can be given. This will take some time but the goal will be to have the majority ready to ship in a week.


The preview at the top of the page with all 16 images shows actual completed panels with digital representation of the artwork that can be painted on them. 4 finished examples below (Sound of Uzis, Wonder Years, Everybody needs somebody, Balloon Dog) shows more in detail the actual results.

They are made to be extremely light weight and are comparable to the weight of a canvas. The back is further supported by a wooden frame, which also makes them easy to hang.

For any questions feel free to get in contact at . If youre having a hard time deciding between pieces then you will get help on that as well.

Ben Eine Approved
Eine himself was excited about the concrete pieces and added his own tag on 2 during the London Moniker Art fair.




Archive of past releases






Recent Releases


Official release October 12-14, 2018

“Butterfly Girl”
(Create what you dream)
12 PM Eastern time / 5 PM GMT through
Screen Print on 40x50cm Pure White 300/m2 paper
Hand signed and numbered
Hand embellished spray paint/ stencil shadows
Grey edition of 60 (100£ +20£ worldwide shipping)
Color editions of 30 each/ Blue, Yellow, Red (120£ +20£ worldwide shipping)
Combination 1 Grey and 1 random Color variant (185£ +20£ worldwide shipping)
Limit total of 2 variants per person, shipping only charged once (orders exceeding 2 prints will be refunded)
Color distribution of Grey + Color variant bundle is given out at random
(If shipping is charged twice on multiple orders then it will be refunded after purchase)

This piece is no longer available.

Click play button above to view hand embellished shadow process


Tired of owning unshredded art? 2 partially shredded APs will be given away and included with 2 lucky collector’s orders

All shadows added by hand using spray paint & stencil, making every shadow on every print unique

For those who have a friend wanting to start up their art collection, or if you cant decide on one selection, there is a bundle of 2 prints (1 Grey and 1 mystery color variant) for 185£ +20£, available latest until October 13 (or while limited bundle supplies last).




October 4-7th 2018

TABBY, together with legendary Ben Eine and Ame 72, will be showcased at Moniker Art Fair in London from October 4-7. Fresh from Japan and the USA, London will be the next stop for what will be some of the best original pieces released so far. Featuring both a 50x50cm and 40x40cm aged wood collection with varying styles, it will be worth the trip for both observers and collectors.


Update 4: If a grande collection of aged wood originals, TABBY appearance, personal 1 cent bad portraits by TABBY, or Ben Eine collaboration and live performance arent enough, heres one more bonus coming your way. Next week (after Moniker) there will be a new TABBY print coming out, details are still TBA, but above you can see a first teaser of whats to come. In total there are 4 different color background variations. Anybody personally coming to the Moniker Art Fair will be able to see them up close and take their own copy home before they are even officially announced to the world. To those not able to visit the fair, no worries, a healthy part of the collection is set aside for online release.
Full details will be sent out next week (after Moniker) to everybody on the newsletter.

Update 3: Not only will there be a Ben Eine x TABBY weathered concrete collab piece, Ben Eine is set to personally appear at the Moniker Art Fair to complete the painting. Planned is a combination of TABBY’s weathered concrete panels with Ben Eine’s colorful signature calligraphy tags. The result will be a true outdoor street piece experience, brought to the indoors.
Half the excitement of a piece is seeing the stencils, the layers come together and the master at his craft, so this will be a very special treat.
Painting is set to go down on day 1, October 4th.

Update 1: For the first time ever, TABBY will be making an appearance during the fair in London. Breaking years of silence, never before has anybody ever had the chance of getting close. Sporting one or several disguises, you will have the chance to come by and (still to be announced) receive a very special personal token to remember the day. Times and schedules when the meet and greets are available will be listed here on the site.

Update 2: Google “bad portraits 1 cent” and you will find this stand. Never before revealed is that this is some of the earliest TABBY street work dating back ca 2011. Before the first TABBY Street art pieces came this art made on the streets. The goal was to offer something different and fun, there were lots of very good portrait painters on the street but nobody offered or promised to make you a bad one. Since the goal wasn’t money, only 1 cent was requested (because it seemed funnier than offering it for free). Hundreds of portraits were painted over several years, going out a couple times a month with a sign and some chairs.
Original TABBY 1 cent bad portraits will be offered during the London Moniker Art Fair, come by and don’t miss out on getting yours. Times and schedules TBA.

First glimpse at sone of the 50x50cm and 40x40cm aged wood originals. More details at and soon to be announced.




Support the elderly (don’t leave them hanging) – 2015

Spray paint/stencil, ca 90x150cm


-On paper: First ever “Support the elderly” piece completed. Used as test run before completing outdoor painting.
-On canvas: Canvas piece Nr.1

Authenticated and noted.



Besides money, completing this one task will also count as payment:
Provide photos of Queen Elizabeth holding a picture of the”Support the elderly” piece.
This must be confirmed and convincing without a doubt that it is authentic and she is indeed holding the picture. If you wish to attempt this, I would advise you to first get in contact with (yes this is a serious offer)