Global Hidden Treasure

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May 28, 2017 – Berlin, Germany

Update: All Berlin hunters have successfully found their treasure.

This sunday treasure will be available for the curious within Berlin. The prizes are sound of uzi canvases with black, red and yellow paint splatter. If you havnt signed up yet, do so in the form above. More details will be sent out saturday.

Some of the results


November 29 – Venice, Italy

Update: Treasure found, Venice hunt complete.

Its hard to beat a place as nice as Venice and this weekend it will be the place to go to find some treasure. The prizes hidden will be 18x24cm Sound of Uzis canvases with red and blue embellished paint splatter.  Come for the treasure, stay for the Biennale and never leave because you fell into the canal looking up at the buildings.



November 14-15, London

Update: Saturday and Sunday hunters have found their treasure.

The borders have been crossed and this weekend there will be treasure to find within London, England. The prizes hidden at each location is a 18x24cm Sound of Uzis canvas with pink and yellow embellished paint splatter. Since London loves rain and you might not, you can choose to search on Saturday or Sunday. The bold will of course laugh at the rain and go asap. For the game you will be given a GPS location and instructions on where your piece can be found. If you wish to take part and havnt signed up yet, register yourself below. So get your ass up off that chair this weekend and explore your city.

Get informed if a hunt is coming to your part of the world (email will never be used for anything else)

So far 75 treasures, consisting of 39 canvas, 5 prints, 2 framed and 12 stencil pieces on paper and 17 on wood/concrete found

TABBY hunts are treasure hunts previously only held within Vienna, Austria where anyone fast enough has a chance to find and own an original TABBY piece to take home.

More details:

TABBY hunts are there to make life more interesting and like everything else, an experiment to see what happens. They give you a chance to do something new, reward those who do and gives anybody the possibility to find and own an original painting with a story behind how they got it. The challenges are usually different, but they consist of hidden treasure that can be found and claimed by anybody willing to give it a try. So get outside, get to know the city and get the treasure, there are no losers.


Q: When will you come to my area?
A: I dont know, maybe soon, maybe never. Lets find out
Q: What can I expect to happen?
A: Treasure has been marked on maps, given GPS coordinates, burried, clues and passwords hidden in ponds, pieces hung in museums, sometimes the fastest is rewarded, sometimes everybody who completes a course. Often everybody within reach is notified of a hunt several days in advance

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