Vienna hidden treasure

New signups are currently closed, especially motivated individuals may get in contact via email to get on the list of future hunts

So far over 80 treasures, consisting of canvases, prints, paper and wood/concrete stencils have been found

TABBY hunts are treasure hunts where anyone fast enough has a chance to find and own an original TABBY piece to take home.

More details:

TABBY hunts are there to make life more interesting and an like everything else, an experiment to see what happens. They give you a chance to do something new, reward those who do and gives anybody the possibility to find and own an original painting with a story behind how they got it. The challenges are usually different, but they consist of hidden treasure that can be found and claimed by anybody willing to give it a try. So get outside, get to know the city and get the treasure, there are no losers.


TABBY hunts gibt es um das leben interessanter zu machen und wie alles andere hier ist es ein experiment um zu sehen was passiert. Sie geben jedem die möglichkeit etwas neues zu machen, belohnen die die es versuchen und gibt jedem die chance ein originales bild zu finden, mit einer vielleicht ungewöhnlichen geschichte über wie man dazu gekommen ist. Die regeln sind meistens verschieden, aber insgesamt handelt es sich um einen versteckten schatz der von jedem gefunden werden kann. Also geht hinaus, entdeckt die Stadt und finde den Schatz, es gibt keine verlierer.


Update: All Saturday and Sunday Treasure Hunters have completed their journey

Results: Over 20 people were curious enough to join in and go out hunting for treasure. Each was rewarded with their own canvas, a combined street value of probably 50$ million (at least). Armed with their own digital treasure maps, consisting of gps location, maps, pictures and further intstructions, everybody made their way outdoors and at least for a while had a little adventure to complete. If you havnt joined in, heres what it would look like.
Why are these hunts done? Because I can and its fun to do fun things.







2014 there were 11 hunts within Vienna, it was such a good time that in 2015 it was expanded across the border to London and Venice. 2016 we’re back to the home base and on April 30th – May 1st its time for Vienna hunters to move their asses. Tired of the same old, why dont random fun things happen more often..? Well this is your chance to go out and do something new. This weekend treasure will be hidden throughout the city and it will be yours to find. If you have not already joined the team and been informed earlier this week via email, you can sign up for the reserve list and future hunts below. Details about the game will come out before Friday.Prizes: 18x24cm Sound Of Uzi TABBY canvases with red and black paint splatter



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22.09.14 – 28.09.14


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