INside EU Orders – Heart Attack

INside EU orders

“Heart Attack”
(Kill them with Kindness)
Screen Print on ca. 40x50cm Pure White 275g/m2 paper
Hand pulled prints
Stencil signed and numbered
Grey edition of 40 (100€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Blue edition of 35 (120€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Random 25 unique color variants, spray paint background, editions of 1 (150€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Combination 1 Blue and 1 unique color variant (210€ +20€ worldwide shipping)
Limit total of 2 variants per person, shipping only charged once (orders exceeding 2 prints will be refunded)
Color distribution of unique 25 variant edition is given out at random, we all need a bit of chance in our life

Update: All available pieces have Sold Out
Huge thanks to everybody! Details on shipping from Thursdays orders will be sent out on Monday

Classic Grey
100€ +20€ shipping


120€ +20€ shiping


1 of 25 unique spray paint color variant
(Color given out at random)
150€ +20€ shipping